Monthly Archives: May 2015

Daylighting our nature, reconnecting with ourselves

I would build parks and parkways connecting them. These would not be your Confederate memorials, they need to work for people, recreation, and to support the burden placed on the land by development. We need to take the fens and wayside areas and connect them to function ecologically, which in this instance means for draining, […]


Our city could really use a “Guerrilla Gardening” chapter that trains their “sites” on the tiny green spaces left on the Peninsula. We need some plant intervention!

Play Streets: Creative Use of Municipal Space

If we were mayor, we’d make a recurring play street on the Upper Peninsula and bring a portable, interactive art and book display composed of square units. Each square would have a different theme–Charleston history, creative writing, outerspace, etc. We’d create a space where kids could read together, with their parents, or by themselves; where […]


THE PROJECT OR INITIATIVE My project is about the timeless space of youth and imagination.  I want capture the excitement and unlimited potential we all felt as kids.  The swing, represents a universal activity and the feeling that I am talking about.  I want to paint 3 images, of different kids swinging in 3 site […]

Ban the Bag Charleston

Teachers, students and the community at Ashley Hall are working collaboratively towards the goal of banning the use of single use plastic bags at checkout in Charleston. Plastics bags are frequently mistaken for food by marine organisms, and are having a huge impact on the marine environment. Plastic bag pollution clogs storm drains, increases downtown […]

An Artful School Garden

I am a teacher at James Simons Elementary. We are a Title One, Montessori school on upper King Street. We have very little green space. At recess children get excited if they find a snail shell. We are trying to change that by adding some raised beds and setting up an afterschool garden club. I […]

Surprise Community Art Piece

This piece is inspired by a project I was given in art school. It evoked quite a bit of excitement on campus. If I were mayor, I would involve several community sectors in making this type of art. A piece of artwork is created or selected (fine art, poster, photo, map), in this case upper […]

The Charleston Parks Conservancy

The Charleston Parks Conservancy (website) was created in 2007, fulfilling the vision of South Carolina philanthropist Darla Moore’s desire to “connect people to their green spaces.” sat down recently with Harry Lesesne, Executive Director of the Conservancy to talk about the organization, how it works, how it relates to the City of Charleston’s Parks […]

More housing

For every hotel room on the peninsula an equal number of rental residential properties. So if the city approves a hotel of 300 rooms the developer would have to construct 100 three room apartments…you know the eye for an eye theory only a room for a room!

Public Art

Giving credit to former DC artist and resident Randy Jewart for his program that could work here. Put together a catalog of say 25 pieces of public art mostly suitable for outside installation. Corporations and various businesses would sponsor the installation of a piece of art chosen from the “catalog” for their grounds and or […]