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Tribal Instincts

“In reading the history of nations, we find that, like individuals, they have their whim and their peculiarities; their seasons of excitement and recklessness, when they care not what they do. We find whole communities suddenly fix their minds upon one object and go mad in its pursuit…[not] recovering its senses until it has shed […]

But Where Will the Mall Walkers Go?

While this might not qualify as an “idea” per se, it is an issue that was sent to us via email so we wanted to share it. “If Citadel Mall goes away (story on this phenomena here), where will seniors walk, get blood pressure checked, have coffee, etc on hot and cold days–with a security […]

A Collective Conscience

Five years ago, a charming play opened in London that speculated about the behind-the-scenes conversation and intrigue between British Prime Minister Maggie Thatcher and Queen Elizabeth II during the 1980s. Handbagged (more info here and here) was a delight even to a pair of “colonists” seated in the mezzanine of the West End theatre. The Guardian referred to it […]

Close King Street to Vehicles!

Occasionally we get an idea via email – and here is one for you to ponder! Close King Street to vehicular traffic from Neck area down to Broad Street. Install an electronic trolley system to move people and get cars off King Street.  Create a large parking transportation depot in neck area for folks to […]

A Way to Reduce Congestion

Thanks for this idea that we received via email: CARTA does not go to certain locations for lack of ridership, parking, or spaces to pull up buses. Smaller commuter buses (like the ones used by the VA) are a possibility, but targeted express routes could also be expanded. Routes could be strategically planned using information […]

Effectively Fighting Climate Change

We are sharing this idea that was received via email. Our contributor was inspired by this article from Science Daily: “Most effective individual steps to tackled climate change aren’t being discussed” – I would promote electric buses and aerial trams like those introduced in La Paz and Mexico City. Widening I-26 and extending I-526 simply […]

Communities Need Police & Police Need Communities

In George Orwell’s story/essay “Shooting an Elephant,” the young British police officer (Orwell) is given “…a better glimpse than [he] had before of the real nature of imperialism—the real motives for which despotic governments act.” Called upon to “do something about” an elephant raging near the market area of Moulmein in Burma (now Mawlamyine in […]

Parks Smart

Spring tends to be the showiest time of year in the South – verdant & emerging green, wild pink & white blossoms, and the collapse of last year’s marsh grasses. The fragrances of first blooms intoxicate. A city like Charleston shifts gears as raucous students largely leave for summers elsewhere, and tourists begin their pilgrimages […]

High Time for Electric Buses

We received notice from Lawrence, who follows If You Were Mayor from Folly Beach, about exciting developments in the technology for electric buses. He indicates in his email that: These buses [from Proterra] are manufactured in Greenville, SC, as well as on the west coast. The company is now working with U Nevada Reno to make them autonomous, […]

Neighborhood Toolkit

THE PROJECT   The Neighborhood Toolkit was created by the City of Charleston in partnership with Enough Pie, a local non-profit using creativity to connect and empower the community.   The toolkit provides support and sample materials for neighborhood associations to help create and maintain dynamic and connected communities. It includes an introduction to the […]