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Street/ambassadors Guides

Let’s train a lot of the jobless to be street guides like in Washington DC and other popular tourist spots. Everytime I take a walk downtown there are people gazing about dazed by the little streets and lack of signage. We could have wandering ambassadors helping them out and able to point visitors in the […]

More housing

For every hotel room on the peninsula an equal number of rental residential properties. So if the city approves a hotel of 300 rooms the developer would have to construct 100 three room apartments…you know the eye for an eye theory only a room for a room!

Public Art

Giving credit to former DC artist and resident Randy Jewart for his program that could work here. Put together a catalog of say 25 pieces of public art mostly suitable for outside installation. Corporations and various businesses would sponsor the installation of a piece of art chosen from the “catalog” for their grounds and or […]

Housing for seniors, middle class and below.

One by one tear down the aging ghetto housing developments around Charleston replacing them with creative areas of varied styles of mixed housing. Six to eight unit apartment buildings, four or five contiguous town houses, single family and patio homes. Have mixed incomes not just section 8. Half the senior housing would be two bedroom […]