Monthly Archives: May 2015

Authenticity & Gentrification

Recently, had the opportunity to meet with a small group of residents from Charleston’s Wagner Terrace neighborhood. They were gathered for an introduction to the “Mosquito Fleet,” the elite group of African-American fisherman who supplied most of Charleston’s downtown area with seasonal catch for more than 100 years. During the mid-twentieth century, the Ports Authority […]

Livability Includes Arts & Culture

At we are curious how cities throughout the world work to create and cultivate livability for all residents, and how these strategies might translate to the cities where we live. Our own research suggests the right balance rests in five basic tenets: transportation, education, economic opportunities, housing & neighborhoods, and arts & culture.  In […]

Solar System Installation and Art Walk

I would like to create spherical sculptures of the entire Solar System to scale, with installations of all the major planets and their moons. Ideally they will be spaced far apart down a long line to create a peaceful environment where people can walk along to see them all, pondering the mysteries of the universe […]

High Speed Internet

THE PROJECT I am advocating the creation of a public utility that would provide internet service to Charleston and the surrounding area. This has been done, for example, in Chattanooga, TN. Chattanooga has the highest internet speed in the Western Hemisphere and provides service at a reasonable cost. According to the Washington Post, the cost […]

Let’s Build a Fashion Incubator

If I were Mayor, I would work with the City Council and Charleston’s Planning Commission to create Charleston’s own Fashion Incubator. The Charleston Fashion Incubator will provide a creative professional environment to nurture promising fashion talent in the Southeast. The goal is to help selected designers grow and sustain their businesses. By offering low-cost design […]

Promoting CARTA’s Route #20 – King Street/Citadel

THE PROJECT A program of community-based outreach and enhanced communication to increase ridership on the CARTA Route #20: King Street/Citadel Line, including: (1) installation of benches at 4 stops which lack them; (2) community education; (3) enhanced QR Code linking route and stop information in pubic places; and, (4) business partnerships.   WHO BENEFITS Residents of […]

Smart Roadways

Interesting concept from the Netherlands: “Smart Highway is an innovative concept for smart roads of tomorrow. A programme of innovation that links a different way of looking at things….” Follow this link: