Monthly Archives: May 2016

Bridge recycling

Safe crossing of water bodies is often a stumbling block for trail planners. SC DOT is getting an infusion of cash in the next budget, and is to spend a bunch on repairing and replacing bridges in upcoming years. Biking and hiking trail organizations need to organize to claim key old bridges in the state […]


Another alternative: Acquire an old bridge, often free. Use one lane for bikes and pedestrians. Allow entrepreneurs to set up in the other lane (west-side market?); charge them rent to defray bridge maintenance. Another alternative: Build a new light-duty bridge for bikes and pedestrians. In our state, Greenville demolished a 6-lane highway bridge over the […]

Ashley bicycle crossing

Having given up bicycle riding at 77 and almost never driving over the US 17 bridges, I don’t have a dog in that fight. I do strongly agree that a safe bike crossing of the Ashley is a top priority. I did make a suggestion for a less costly bicycle crossing of the Ashley in […]