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King Street already does this a few days out of the year, which is fantastic, yet it should become permanent. Having atleast one pedestrian only street is one of the most enjoyable common denominators we’ve found in other great cities of the world. The walkability of Charleston is one of its best attributes. It should […]

Traffic flow

This can be such an easy fix. There are two lanes coming off the JI Connector approaching Folly Road. As it stands now, the left lane opens to two left turn lanes and the right lane becomes a right turn lane onto Folly There’s way too much confusion as commuters in the right lane simply […]

Small Parks on Upper King Street.

With the massive amounts of hotels being built downtown, we really need to think about green space. Can the City work with the Charleston County Park Service on buying some of the rare land that comes up for sale occasionally for green space? A key piece right now is next to Indaco Restaurant. It would […]

More Parking Love for those who pay taxes

As a City of Charleston property tax payer, it sure would be nice to be shown some love with the parking lots and garages which are owned (and often not managed) by the city. I know the city has worked hard to move us into garages and off of the streets. Some sort of appreciation […]

Shrinking Downtown Dwellings

This week’s blog is a hat-tip to Chris who recently posted an idea entitled “Downtown Living for Key Workers.”  The post highlights the possibility for micro-housing (units at less than 400 sq. ft.) to provide more affordable rental units in Charleston, and references similar approaches in Portland or Denver.  Another example is this building currently in development […]

Downtown living for key workers

We have an issue with gentrification and its unlikely to go away. Making houses more affordable means building smartly and lowering the build cost whilst maintaining the downtown experience and walkable lifestyles. We may want to consider a special zoning ordinance for micro house development in a similar way to other US cities such as […]

What Would You Do Text

If YOU were Mayor is an opportunity for YOU to make a difference in Charleston by sharing your ideas, initiatives and projects.  We are talking to YOU.  We KNOW you have ideas.  Share them here!  Have a project in the works?  Share it here!  See something that interests you?  Engage NOW to make it happen!

Shuttle to Work

Thanks to G. Summars who posted this in response to “If You Were Mayor” on Facebook:  “I would provide parking lots and shuttle buses for hospitality workers in downtown Charleston.  Most workers pay for a monthly parking pass for the very expensive garages. Show some love and consideration.”

Ideas Equal Innovation

In the continuing effort to “get things done” these days, local governments have to be a little more creative as budgets tighten and citizens demand more accountability. Bold ideas are needed to find effective partnerships, collaborative possibilities, and proven or promising solutions. Since the beginning of December we have been posting articles on our Facebook […]

Light Up the Lowline

THE PROJECT I would love to bring together activists and residents from all walks of life for an interactive, participatory, celebratory civic art event. Imagine a parade of people riding decorated bicycles, people walking with giant puppets, and artists carrying illuminated lanterns. The parade route could take part on the Lowline, a piece of property […]