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Communities Need Police & Police Need Communities

In George Orwell’s story/essay “Shooting an Elephant,” the young British police officer (Orwell) is given “…a better glimpse than [he] had before of the real nature of imperialism—the real motives for which despotic governments act.” Called upon to “do something about” an elephant raging near the market area of Moulmein in Burma (now Mawlamyine in […]

Be Real In All That You Do

You have a one of a kind esteem and point of view on life and that makes you characteristically delightful and stunning. Nobody else in the universe resembles you. You are exceptional. Bring your actual, real self to each circumstance, and you may think that its exactly what was required. Validness makes larger amounts of […]

Self Realization Should Be There In Every Human Being

The things that I would do in the event that I were leader would be first to make seven days where individuals from the city can go in gatherings and help make Beaverton greener. Second, I would have some days where we offer nourishment to the destitute or individuals who require it and can’t manage […]