Monthly Archives: November 2014

Well Being Index

Build a public private partnership to develop a local Well Being (or Happiness) Index – use data and surveys to measure economic, social, and community engagement levels, and peoples satsifaction with their lives and community. Use the index for public and community planning.

Garden in the Parks Initiative

THE PROJECT Devoted to the motto “Connecting people with their parks”, the Conservancy staff works directly with volunteers from the Park Angel program to provide care and maintenance to gardens and greenspaces of Charleston parks. Thriving on community and Park Angel support, Garden in the Parks is a successful initiative that brings Charleston residents some […]

Platinum benefits

Our platinum citizens (senior citizens) are important to the fabric of Charleston, a city long known for its multi-generational social life – though not as much these days. When traveling in Europe it is very gratifying to see old men and women out for their daily walks or dining with friends. It would be nice […]

Johns Island recreation

Allocate funds for the building of a recreational center in the Johns Island city park. Convene a meeting with Reverend Mary Stoney, president of Sea Island Alliance of Ministries, Tumiko Rucker, Kiawah Town Administrator, and Liberty Fellowship, a Spartanburg, South Carolina-based organization endorsing statewide leadership and empowering local officials to carry out beneficial, large-scale community […]

Walk signals

Every light location in the city should have a walk/don’t walk signal. This is especially crucial at intersections with one-way streets.

Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative

THE PROJECT Historic Charleston Foundation is developing a pilot project under its reinvigorated Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative program. The goal of this program is to strengthen the broader Charleston community through the promotion of neighborhood revitalization, and to collaborate strategically with partners on a variety of initiatives to address affordability, livability and the preservation of historic […]

Well, We Made It.

Well, we made it.  What was once just the germ of an idea is officially launched. “You know what we need,” Whitney Powers asked of anyone who would listen to her a year ago. “The ability to help establish the vision for Charleston’s next 40 years of Charleston after Joe Riley leaves office.” So a […]

Exchange of Ideas with Top-performing Schools

We know that certain Charleston County schools have a winning formula, or at least excel in certain areas. Top-performing schools should be exchanging ideas and providing mentoring for other schools in the area. Ideas on how to approach curriculum, enrichment, character-building, resource needs, and fund-raising could be shared instead of everyone always having to re-invent […]

Contemporary Art Institution in Charleston

Charleston needs a world class institution that focuses on Contemporary Art and is large enough to accept traveling art shows from other world class institutions. The Institution should also have a focus on regional art with a mission to promote contemporary art in South Carolina and the Southeast.

Future Festival

Future Festival We should have a Future Festival to foster new ideas of technology, music, film, art, etcetera.