Monthly Archives: February 2016

The Diversity Dividend

Gated communities, ghettos, and gentrification represent a perversion of the diverse spectrum of housing options that city advocates call for today. Ta-Nehisi Coates in his startling, yet brilliant, expose’ in The Atlantic “The Case for Reparations,” raises the bar on the discussion of “fair housing” with regards to African Americans who have been denied the […]

North Central Neighborhood Stabilization

THE PROJECT Funded by a grant from the 1772 Foundation, HCF hired Alexandria-VA based urban planning consultants, czb, to study the dynamic market effects surrounding the North Central neighborhood (outlined below.) The development pressures in this area are dramatically increasing. So, too, is the pressure to preserve the historic fabric and character of North Central […]

Small Talks, Big Ideas

THE PROJECT “Small Talks, Big Ideas” is a weekly 30 minute show on WOHM 96.3 FM that is a collaborative space shared by 4 of our community’s nonprofit organizations, including Lowcountry Local First, Coastal Conservation League, Charleston Moves and If You Were Mayor. While these 4 nonprofit and advocacy organizations serve very different needs in […]