Monthly Archives: September 2015

Move College of Charleston’s main campus to upper peninsula

Leave a small, core portion of the College of Charleston downtown and move the rest of the campus further north, even all the way to the (former) Magnolia site. This would alleviate the bulk of the traffic and parking issues downtown, it would free up run-down and poorly maintained student apartments and put them in […]

Mapping Gentrification

In 1988, the City Preservation Officer and Architect Charles Chase put a human face on the Board of Architectural Review. He recounted visiting a poor family in Cannonborough who was interested in making some minor repairs to the piazza of their Charleston single house. He had been concerned, at their initial meeting in his office, […]

Make property taxes easier to pay

Set up the system so citizens can pay their taxes monthly, quarterly or intermittently. People should be able to pay when they can instead of right around Christmas. There are way too many properties that end up with tax liens on them.

Longborough Crab Dock Area should have a conservation easement

Mayor Riley’s office has indicated their intent to re-claim , by eminent domain, the strip of land which extends into the Ashley River, following an unfavorable court ruling. The rationale given is to make the land available for all to use, as a permanent public waterfront access , which is certainly admirable. However, given the […]

Too Trashy?

We need public trash cans – desperately! We need them on the corners near the college students, we need them on the corners near Hampton Park; we need trash cans so people will stop littering in our gorgeous city that so many marvel at. How can we get this done?

Intertwined Issues

The Charleston region is facing a composite of issues that cannot be separated, but must be addressed as a comprehensive whole in order to maintain a healthy, sustainable economy. The issues that face this region are no different than – in fact, are essentially the same as – those that are covered in a new […]

Bike Lanes

I would make a bike lane that connected James Island to the Peninsula, similar to the way Mt. Pleasant and Sullivan’s Island are connected to the Peninsula.