Monthly Archives: January 2015

Sea Islands Part 1: Revisit Zoning Classification Densities & Heights

If I were Mayor: I would ask City Planning Department staff to Revise the City’s “Century V City Plan” (comprehensive plan) to lower densities in zoning classifications on James and Johns Islands. I would also ask that heights be lowered for new construction on the sea islands. I would put a moratorium on the building […]

Sea Islands Part 2: Green Space

Susan’s set of ideas for the Sea Islands continues: I would obtain the funding to purchase more land on the sea islands for green space. I would complete the promised Dog Walking Park and Walking Trails on the tract purchased by the City next door to the James Island Rec Center called the “Harbor Woods Tract” […]

Sea Islands Part 3: Transportation

Susan’s set of ideas for the Sea Islands continues: I would focus on providing infrastructure to address the projected increased populations on the sea islands (as 1,000s of units are already approved for construction in the next 24 months). I would urge SCDOT and Charleston County to install traffic signals, safe crosswalks, sidewalks and bike paths […]

Playgrounds & Imagination

If You Were Mayor knows that cities benefit enormously from the energy, liveliness, and enthusiasm that come to neighborhoods when children are present.  Kids in cities are always amazed, and amazing.  Their curiosity is at its peak, and it does not take much encouragement for them to perceive the city as its own kind of amusement […]

Wendy’s Redevelopment

Now that the Wendy’s is closed between the northbound and southbound lanes of the 17 Crosstown, I’d like to see the city take over the property and create a park with a large retention pond or other water feature that could absorb some of the flood waters in that area. It should then be crisscrossed […]

“West Ashley Village”

The short drive between South Windemere Shopping Center and the Ashley River bridge is the saddest little strip of poorly maintained properties. Both sides of the road are zoned for single family residences only. I believe all of these houses are rental properties, which is easy to understand since buying a house on such a […]

Enough Pie

Ever consider how culture can shape a neighborhood or give it identity through community-based arts?  Our second interview, in a series featuring some of Charleston’s civic-minded organizations, is with Kate Nevin, Founder of Enough Pie, a non-profit working to do just that (some examples of their work can be seen on our Projects page).   A year ago we did not know Kate […]

Your Idea Can Win!

You may have heard that we have a special contest for ideas!  That rumor is fact!  And, there is a $50 gift certificate to a local restaurant waiting to go to the Idea that generates the most comments, likes, and shares (Facebook, Twitter).  For this inaugural contest, any idea posted qualifies, including those that have […]

Community Radio

THE PROJECT Ohm Radio 96.3 is Charleston’s first community, commercial-free radio station! We are a grass-roots start-up with the goal of being on the air by August 2015. Ohm Radio will broadcast music by local, independent, and legendary artists. We’ll spread the good word about what local entrepreneurs, non-profits, and social groups are doing to […]

Ferry Routes

I like the idea of the ferries linking park to park …greenspace to greenspace…. this would need tweaking but on the north side of Charleston, public ferries linking WATERFRONT PARK to the YORKTOWN to SHEM CREEK to THE OLD BRIDGE to SULLIVANS ISLAND…. to ISLE OF PALMS to the landing near BIRDS OF PREY CENTER […]