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Aerial Gondola as Mass Transit Idea

Charleston area traffic is getting worse every day. This area badly needs mass transportation. Since we are at sea level, subways will not work. For myriad reasons, the bus system is so limited that it is not effective. A monorail was studied years ago, but never got off the ground. I have read hat the […]

Develop LED guidelines for street lights

LED streetlights can save a lot of money for cities, but they can also disrupt sleep patterns for nearby residents. All LEDs are not created equal. Some cities are setting guidelines that require the warmer spectrum lights. Berlin and Davis, CA have worked with citizens to design a more pleasing night time landscape. Charleston needs […]

Transform an alley into a lane

Since Kirkland Lane may be repaved soon, why not transform an ugly 12′ wide alley into an enchanting brick or cobblestone lane, correcting all the public utilities at the same time? With no room for sidewalks, the bricks or cobblestones would slow vehicles making the street safer for pedestrians. I have heard that historic ballast […]